Connecting Talent with Opportunity at Naukri Nirman

Your trusted platform for part-time, blue-collor job opportunities and talent acquisition. Discover flexible roles that match your skills and lifestyle, or find the right talent for your business needs.

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About Naukri Nirman

Naukri Nirman serves as a dynamic bridge in the part-time & blue-collar job market, seamlessly connecting job seekers and employers.

We are committed to empowering individuals, particularly those in the age group of 18-45, by providing a platform where they can discover flexible work opportunities that align with their skills, qualifications, and lifestyle.

At the same time, we offer businesses a valuable resource to find and hire the right talent that fits their specific needs.

Whether you're a business in search of part-time employees or a job seeker looking for a part-time role, Naukri Nirman is your trusted partner in navigating the job market.

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Reason to Hire Talent With Naukri Nirman

Access to a Wide Talent Pool

Access a diverse range of job seekers with various skills and qualifications to match your job requirements.

Time and Cost-Efficient

Streamline your hiring process, saving both time and resources, by using our one-stop platform.

Flexible Hiring

Cater to your specific business needs with our focus on part-time job opportunities and flexible schedules.

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Our Work Speaks for Itself

"The advent of Naukri Nirman has revolutionized our recruitment methodology. It has enabled us to connect with top-notch part-time professionals whose competencies align seamlessly with our requirements. The platform's ease of use has been a significant time and resource saver. It comes with my highest recommendation"

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Ravi Sharma, Operations Manager


"Our association with Naukri Nirman, spanning over six months, has been nothing short of extraordinary. The platform boasts a diverse reservoir of talent, leading us to encounter truly committed part-time workers. It's an indispensable tool for any enterprise seeking part-time workforce"

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Meena Gupta, HR Head 


"Naukri Nirman has simplified our hiring procedures considerably. We've recruited proficient part-time personnel who have significantly contributed to our team dynamics. The platform's user-friendly interface, coupled with a highly responsive support team, deserves applause. Kudos, Naukri Nirman!"

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Anil Kumar, Business Owner 


"Naukri Nirman played a pivotal role in securing my present employment, and the journey has been extremely rewarding. The job corresponds to my skill set, and the flexible work schedule integrates perfectly with my routine. I wholeheartedly recommend Naukri Nirman to anyone seeking part-time employment opportunities."

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Priya Singh, Customer Service Representative



Naukri Nirman is a platform connecting job seekers and employers, specializing in part-time job opportunities across various industries

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